Graduation Information

Graduation supplies, cap, gown & tassel

All seniors should order their cap and gown. For more information, please speak with Mrs. Lappin, Senior Class Advisor.


  2. COMMENCEMENT – Commencement will be held on Friday, June 21, 2024 at 6:00pm.
    • Gowns must be pressed and neat (read instructions in the package).
    • Gentlemen’s attire: slacks, dress shoes, dress socks, dress shirts and a tie. NO jeans, shorts, tee shirts or athletic footwear.
    • Ladies’ attire: Light colored dress or skirt and blouse and white or light colored low heel shoes. NO jeans, shorts or athletic footwear.
    • Caps must be worn: They are to be worn straight, not tilted, and pulled down over the forehead. The tassel remains on the left until all graduates have received their diplomas. After everyone has received their diploma your class officer will move to the front and signal you to change your tassel to the left side denoting that you have “left” public education. Hair pins are recommended to secure the cap for both men and women.
    • Please do not carry anything in your hands, except your diploma during the recessional. Leave purses with a parent or at home. ALL ELECTRONICS are to be OFF.
  4. PROCESSIONAL AND RECESSIONAL – The Board of Education members, administrators, and faculty members will lead the processional and recessional. The Class of 2024 will follow. Look straight ahead during the processional and recessional. Remember, the graduation ceremony is the culmination of four years of hard work and study – it is a ceremony that is to be conducted with dignity and respect on the part of all participants. Make sure you know who is in your row and where you will sit. The day of the ceremony let the counselors know who is missing from your row.
  5. DIPLOMAS – If you receive the wrong diploma, exchange it after the ceremony. See a counselor and they will find the correct one. “Take and Shake” – take the diploma with your left hand and shake with your right hand.
  6. TICKETS – There is limited seating if commencement is held in the Gym. At rehearsal you will receive your tickets in your packet. If you have extra tickets, we ask that you return them to the Guidance Office so we can distribute them to other students.


– Seniors planning to attend college in the fall of 2024 must fill out an online transcript form specifying where their final transcript is to be sent.

The student packets will include (keep this information safe you will need it later):

  • Final report card (if available)
  • Copy of your health record from the nurse
  • Souvenir program
  • Information on requesting your MVCC transcript