Superintendent's Message

Dear VVS Community,

Thank you for choosing to make the Vernon Verona Sherrill Central District your home. Also known as VVS, the Vernon Verona Sherrill School District aspires to be valued as a district of distinction by our community. This vision drives us to serve the needs of every child who attends our schools each day as well as the community that collaborates with us in achieving this vision.

School as most of us experienced it has changed dramatically and will continue to do so as we prepare our students for a future that none of us can truly envision. Most school curricula were designed for a world that is vastly different from the one we live in and that which our children will encounter during their school years and throughout their lives. We know that a firm academic foundation in traditional core subjects, English, reading, literature, oral expression, writing, mathematics, the sciences, civics, government, economics, foreign languages, history and geography, health and wellness, represented in the rigors of the district curriculum, is essential. However, so too is an additional set of competencies to help students meet the rigors of higher education, career expectations, application of new technologies, and the challenges of a globalized economy. These competencies include, critical thinking and problem solving applied across all disciplines and circumstances, collaboration, knowledge of and respect for other cultures and societies, creativity, innovation, flexibility, leadership and responsibility, citizenship, information and media literacy, financial literacy, and entrepreneurship.

We all know that educating a child, like raising a child, takes place over the entire life of the child and is measured frequently and in many ways. This is certainly reflected in the academic achievements of our children, it is also reflected in the ways in which our children conduct themselves, their leadership, their compassion for others, in the effort they put forth each day, how they handle adversity, and in the choices they make in school, in the community, in the workplace, in the arts, in athletic competition, and in their lives well beyond graduation.

Thus far the vast majority of VVS students have enjoyed success in college, in the workplace, and as citizens. However, we must reflect on our efforts and seriously contemplate how to best continuing to prepare our children for success in college, in work, and in life in an increasingly changing world and fast-paced global economy.

The involvement of the VVS community is essential to our success. During the school year members of the community are invited to engage in community discussions around preparing our students for the 21st Century. We look for the involvement and collaboration of students, parents, local, state and national businesses, higher education institutions, local organizations, District faculty and staff, and the community-at-large to actively engage in this important dialogue.

The VVS School District takes its responsibility to serve the children and the community very seriously. We appreciate the importance of working in concert with families, students, and the larger community to thoughtfully plan and act to ensure the very best for our students; recognizing that the school, the parents, the students, and the community cannot succeed without the commitment of us all. We are each dependent upon the others to ensure the success of our children.

My thanks to all those who contribute to the success of VVS, it is your talent, ideas, involvement, and support for learning that makes VVS a great place to learn, to work, and to live!

Best Regards,

Martha K. Group
Superintendent of Schools