Music & Drama

VVSMUSIC making connections

The VVS Music Department provides opportunities for enjoyment of music through singing, performing, creating, listening, and exploring musical technology in classes and ensembles. The VVS Music Department strives to keep students, faculty and staff, alumni, and the greater community invested in their program. Music Department goals and standards are aligned perfectly with the district’s goals, vision, and desire to be recognized as a district of distinction. 

In grades PreK - 8, students participate in general music classes. At the high school level, many music electives are offered, and students are encouraged to continue their studies of music, regardless of ensemble participation. All students in grades 3-12 are encouraged to participate in performing ensembles that include chorus (starting in third grade), band (starting in fourth grade), and orchestra (starting in fourth grade). There are many other music-related opportunities at all levels, elementary and secondary, and students are encouraged to pursue music enrichment throughout their academic careers.

The VVS Music Department has a wonderfully supportive Performing Arts Boosters organization, comprised of parents and community members that meets monthly during the school year. This group supports the PreK-12 music program at VVS, as well as the drama program in grades 5-12. The Performing Arts Boosters help to provide many musical opportunities for students through their volunteerism and financial support.