2019 cia welcome page

Welcome to the 2023 - 2024 school year!

VVS takes pride in itself by offering a comprehensive educational program to its students, both academically and with our extra-curricular offerings. Our curriculum is the foundation in which we build our instructional programs. Curriculum is more than just a list of skills or concepts students acquire while in a class or particular grade. Curriculum is a portrayal of our beliefs that are interwoven and reflected in our designs, planning, and facilitation of programs for the students in our care.

We believe our students deserve the best. They deserve a rigorous aligned curriculum supported by research-based teaching strategies that are engaging and promote collaboration, inquiry and problem-solving skills.

You can expect our office to work, guide, assist and support these efforts so the students under our care are provided a well-rounded education that is designed to help all students be college, career and civically ready after they graduate from VVS.