Principal's Philosophy

Philosophy of Education

Mrs. Relyea's Philosophy of Education

I believe that education is a powerful tool. Everything students learn in school can be translated into many pathways as they discover what is right for them. We hold students to high standards both academically and personally. Children are learning throughout the day in the classrooms, hallways, and the playground. Above all, we want students to do their best each day and to treat each other with respect, no matter their differences.

Communication is an integral part of creating and maintaining a successful school community. E.A. McAllister has a strong, cohesive team that creates and supports a safe environment in which students can thrive. Families are an integral part of this team. We are most successful when we work together, and the students are the ones who benefit.

My goal as a building leader is to balance the constant state of change that occurs in education with the feelings of safety and security, knowing that we will get through anything together. We, as educators, set the example for our students. We do this by demonstrating what it means to be resilient in the face of adversity and/or change, and be critical thinkers in today’s society.

I look forward to being on this educational adventure with you and your family!