The meeting location will be the MS/HS Multipurpose Room.

Board of Education Meetings

Board of Education meetings take place in public. The public's input is welcome during Public Sessions. In general, comments should be stated in three to four minutes and relate to school matters. The Board of Education welcomes comments concerning programs offered by the District and the efforts of its staff. Please be advised that the discussion of matters related to specific individuals is expressly prohibited. The President may recognize and/or limit the amount of time people have to speak. The President, as spokesperson for the Board, will respond by thanking individuals for their comments. The President and/or the Vice-President may refer to another Board Member for a single response to any question. Requests for additional information will be referred to the Superintendent for a written response. The President may indicate that the expressed idea or concern will be considered by the Board at a future meeting. The person will be notified, if feasible, of the date on which the item will be discussed.