Special Education

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Coordinator of Special Education: Patrick Goodman

CSE Secretary: Kathy Hoch

(315) 829-2520 ext. 7401


Thank you for visiting our Special Education website. Our purpose is to provide you with information about our programs, procedures, philosophy and our people. The special education department offers a wide continuum of services from related service only such as speech therapy through more intensive interventions such as full time special class. Our staff is dedicated to providing the supports and challenges to our children that promote their growth toward academic and social success. It is our privilege, responsibility and joy to work with and engage our children in this process of learning and development.

The most effective educational programs occur when all parties, parents, teachers, and kids team together to develop goals and implement plans. We warmly encourage parents to be involved. Their thoughts and insights are much appreciated. We also increasingly support our kids to become actively involved (as developmentally appropriate) in developing their own programs. Starting in 8th grade they are all encouraged to attend and participate in their own CSE meetings. Research has strongly indicated that the more that everyone feels ownership and investment in a program the more likely it is for success.

So with these thoughts, we encourage you to take your time to peruse through our website. We hope the information and the links provided are useful to you. We are passionate about our work and are delighted by the opportunity to explain or discuss our programs and procedures. So please if you have any questions or comments at all don’t hesitate to contact any members of our special education staff.