After School

Students must be in school on the day of the after-school activity in order to participate. Educational absences and extraordinary circumstances will be considered.

Pupils who remain after school for any activity must report directly to the teacher in charge of that activity at 2:30. A member of the faculty must supervise all school activities. This is a time that should be used for getting extra help from teachers and going to the media center. A number of activities will be offered to students after school on Mondays-Thursdays (Friday when needed) from 2:22–3:00 p.m. Students will take the shuttle bus run to elementary schools and then ride a bus home.

Students remaining after school until 4:10 p.m. (Monday - Thursday) must have prior permission and be supervised by a faculty member. The supervising faculty member will issue bus passes. No students will be allowed to board the bus without a bus pass. Teachers/Advisors will issue the bus pass.

Rules for staying after until 3 PM

  • Academic assistance is from 2:30 - 3:00 pm
  • You are to stay with a teacher on your team, children must have supervision
  • You must ask and have permission from that teacher to stay
  • Students must communicate home to parent/guardian that they are staying and what time they will be home
  • Students you must ask for permission before 2:00 pm
  • Athletes in season if you are NOT working with a  teacher after school, you must report by 2:30 pm to the middle school cafeteria for athletic study hall.  Attendance will be taken. 
  • Students who miss their bus at dismissal or find out a club or activity has been canceled must report to the main office immediately.
  • Students that do not follow the rules will receive discipline
  • The supervising teacher will issue a 3:00 pm Shuttle Bus pass to the student


3:000 PM - Every day Monday through Friday for Academics only! Teacher issues pass. (Pickup middle school bus loop)

4:10 PM - Monday through Thursday. Teacher, advisor, or coach issues pass. (Pickup in front of high school)

5:00 PM - Monday through Thursday for Athletes only. Coach or athletic director issue pass. (Pickup in front of high school)

* Please note the above buses are not avaiable on half days, conference days or early dismissals.