Supply Lists

HS School Supply List 20-21

High School Supply List

This is a GENERAL list of supplies. Teachers will share specific requests when school begins.

  • CHARGED Chromebook (provided by district)
  • Backpack (no locker)
  • Personal Reusable Water Bottle
  • Pens/Pencils/highlighters/erasers
  • Spiral Notebooks & 2-pocket folders
  • A few binders, loose leaf paper & dividers
  • Some teachers do ask for 2” or 3” binder

Math Specific Items

  • TI-NSpire (NOT CAS) graphing calculator (highly recommended/class sets)
  • TI-83 plus graphing calculator (more affordable option)
  • Graph paper or graph paper notebook
  • Ruler & for Geometry a compass and protractor (recommended/class sets)

Science Specific Items

  • Basic Scientific Calculator (Physics & AP Chem)
  • Graphing Calculator (AP Physics/Recommended not required)
  • Living Environment (Prentice Hall) Review Book - $15


  • Fine-tipped (not wide tipped & Not a digital pen)
  • Can be found at Dollar Store

Chromebook Cover (Optional)

  • Cover for Acer Spin 11