College Entrance Exams

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The ACT - Register Online
Register for the ACT college entrance exam

The SAT - Register Online
Register for the SAT College Entrance Exam online.

March 2 Success
A free on-line test preparation course used to improve your scores on standardized tests. Includes SAT and ACT practice tests

Financial Aid

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The College Grants Database
Good information about loans, grants, and resources for students and parents.

Student Scholarships
This site focuses on providing scholarship information to students from New York.

Annuity FYI
It is important to start saving for your future NOW! This website will help plan for a secure financial future. There is also information on personal budgeting during and after college.

New York College and University Scholarships
Information about the scholarships available to students at colleges and universities in New York State.

Types of financial aid available to students

Loan Interest Rates and Fees

$7 Billion in Scholarships available.

Use this site to download the FAFSA and to complete the form electronically.

NYS Higher Education Services Corporation
Use this website for financial aid and college information, scholarships, grants, and financial aid calculator.

Ultimate Money Skills
Information about paying for college through different types of loans.

New York State Higher Education Services Information
Search for scholarships, grants, and other financial aid.

FinAid - The Smart Student Guide to Financial Aid
A comprehensive source of student financial aid, advice, and services.

Use this free scholarship search matching your needs to available grants, loans, and scholarships.

Students and Debt
Student loans are a common way to fund an education. This site helps students take control of their loans.

Budgeting 101 for College Students
Create a spending plan (budget) for college that is realistic and flexible.

No-Cost Scholarship Search
This lists and links to more than 60 no-cost scholarships.

Merit Aid Scholarships
Colleges that offer merit aid scholarships.  

College Application Online - 2 yr. Colleges

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Fulton-Montgomery Community College
Use the free online application for Fulton-Montgomery Community College.

Tompkins Cortland Community College
Use the free online application for Tompkins Cortland Community College.

Monroe Community College
Use the free online application for Monroe Community College.

Onondaga Community College
Use the free online application for Onondaga Community College.

Mohawk Valley Community College
Use the free online application for Mohawk Valley Community College.

Herkimer County Community College
Use the free online application for Herkimer County Community College.

College Application Online - 4 yr. Colleges

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Common Application Online
Apply to private colleges and some SUNY colleges online.

SUNY College Application Online
Apply to SUNY Colleges online.


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NCAA Home Page
View student athlete eligibility

NCAA College Sports Scholarships
NCAA College Sports eligibility and availability

College Searches

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A college search that is all about YOU.

Peterson's Online College Search

College View
Search for colleges by area, majors, etc.

Wintergreen Orchard House
A database compiler and provider specializing in college, graduate and scholarship fields.

College Portraits
Provides information on more than 300 public colleges and universities

U Can Network
Search for colleges by name, state or affiliation.

Welcome to College
Welcome to College helps students find colleges where they will flourish. It's all in the visit and this site has created free web and mobile applications to plan, rate, share and compare the entire college visit process.

US College Search
A free resource covering all the colleges and program offerings in the United States.

Technical Schools Guide
A free resource covering all the technical schools and programs in the United States. This site includes career guides and resources to help students discover career paths that match their skill sets.

College Board College Search
This site is a one-stop resource for all your college planning.  

Career Searches

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Career Zone
Explore careers based on your interests, skills, and talents.  

College and Career Publications

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NextStepU College and Career Magazine
Information about college preparation, college life, scholarships, and careers.

NextStep Academy Life Skills
An online school for life skills to equip young people with the information they need to be successful. You must register and there is an access code available to waive the registration fee. The skill categories include: financial skills, street smarts, professional ethics, college preparation, and healthy living.  

General Information for Seniors

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Study Tips for College Freshmen
College student study tips including time management, note taking, study habits, and preparing for and taking tests are shared on this website.  

Campus Tours Online

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Virtual Campus Tours
Virtual tours of selected schools, photos, links, etc.

Campus Video Tours
This site has video tours of selected colleges.

Student-reviewed Colleges
This site gives a personal point of view from students about selected colleges. Some material is computer generated