10 Ways to Become the Greatest At Any Career

10 Ways to Become the Greatest at any Career

  1. Settle for nothing less than outstanding work EVERY TIME.
  2. Learn from the best and strive to be better than them. Making mistakes is allowed, however, learning from others' errors is much better.
  3. Determine what you are passionate about and then do exactly that.
  4. Stay viable and current in your field.
  5. Take risks and always think outside the box.
  6. Project your ideas and ambitions 5, 10, 20 years out and then plan how to get there.
  7. Align yourself with people who will support your vision and ambition.
  8. Find your flaws - and fix them.
  9. Give back to your community.
  10. Show up every time. 

Taken from "The Engineering Daily"