NYS Next Generation Learning Standards

NYS Next Generation Learning Standards for

ELA and Mathematics Implementation Roadmap

Phase I – Raise Awareness – Winter 2018 - Winter/Spring 2019

Phase II – Capacity Building – Spring 2019 / Summer 2020

Phase III – Implementation – September 2020 – ongoing

Please note: In September 2020, the Next Generation Learning Standards will be in full use in classrooms. Starting in Spring 2021 for Grades 3-8, the NYS assessments will align to the Next Generation Learning Standards. The high school alignment has not yet been determined and information will be forthcoming.

Click for a PDF of NYS Next Generation ELA Glossary of Terms

Click for a PDF of NYS Next Generation Math Glossary

Click for a PDF of VVS Next Generation Learning Standards Reference Guide

Click for a PDF of Advanced Literacy Instruction Among Linguistically Diverse Learners

Click for a PDF of Summary Advanced Literacy Instruction Reference Guide