Vision, Mission and Goals

District Vision

The Vernon-Verona-Sherrill School District aspires to be valued as a district of distinction by our community.

 District Mission

The Mission of the Vernon-Verona-Sherrill School District is to nurture and support students for success in life, preparing them to embrace challenges, learning opportunities, diversity, and civic responsibility.

District Belief Statements

1.  We believe all students should be challenged with academic rigor, provided individualized support through home-school collaboration, and empowered to explore opportunities that prepare them for success in college, career, and life.

2.  We believe student-school-community connections provide opportunities for students to experience diversity, develop tolerance, foster a sense of belonging, and create the foundation for civic responsibility.

3.  We believe students are best prepared for success in college, career, and life when their educational experiences cultivate teamwork, perseverance, adaptability, resourcefulness, and a positive attitude.

4.  We believe optimal learning occurs in a safe and supportive environment that values and nurtures character, integrity, responsibility, and respect for self and others.

District Goals

1.  Faculty, students, parents, staff, and community will work together to achieve the high levels of student learning necessary for success in the 21st century.

2.  Faculty, students, parents, staff, and community will demonstrate the personal and interpersonal attributes necessary to succeed in a diverse world.

3.  Faculty, students, parents, staff, and community will create and sustain a physically and emotionally safe and positive school environment.