Free Treble Clef Outline, Download Free Clip Art, Free Clip Art on Clipart  LibraryWHY MUSIC?
    “Music helps educate the whole student.” 
    Emotional Awareness
    Students learn to express themselves in multiple ways and become more sensitive to the preferences and feelings of others.
    Reflective Learning
    Students reflect on failures and successes through the creative process and derive a sense of their own competencies, interests, and challenges. 
    Process Orientation
    Students develop the ability to consistently refine their thinking as part of the creative process, developing an ability to re-evaluate goals and objectives, and, if needed, adjust their approach to the objective. 
    Through both the creative and reflective learning process, students gain greater capacity to question, interpret, and influence their own lives.
    In a high-level performance environment, hard work and dedicated practice predict success far more than innate ability. Music performance offers opportunities to fail. Students learn the value of persistence, and of working hard for an uncertain outcome. 
    Multiple Ways of Knowing
    Music study promotes fluency in knowledge systems beyond the linguistic and mathematical, enabling a deeper and broader understanding of our world and of the human experience. 
    The above information was taken from the NAfME website. To learn more, visit www.broaderminded.com.