• Welcome to my page for 7th grade social studies!

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    My philosophy of educations stems from building and supporting a positive learning environment. In order to build a positive learning environment, I must create a setting where all students feel comfortable and enjoy the learning process. My job is to facilitate a highly engaging and energetic classroom so that the students will want to come to the classroom and participate. Devising a highly energetic, engaging classroom requires me to earn students respect and this is done by first showing students that I care about their well-being in the present and future. I am of the belief that "students do not care what you know until they know that you care." Due to my passion for students, teaching, and social studies, generating a positive learning environment will come naturally.

    Additionally, I look to assist, guide, and mentor students as they get older. As a teacher, I am not simply a historian, but a teacher that will hold students accountable to being an effective student and an upstanding person. While students may not always remember the facts learned in class, I hope students will take away lessons that they can carry with them in both their professional and personal lives.

    Mr. Tomaino