Let the 2018 - 2019 School Year Begin!!


    This is my second full year at Wettel Elementary.  I am looking forward to working with your wonderful children.  This year, I will be the Literacy Specialist for kindergarten through second grade.  I will also work with some of the upper elementary students.  My goal is always to help students to experience success when they are reading.  I am also going to be focusing on helping the children to become strong writers.  If you ever have any questions or want to talk about the progress that your child is making, please don't hesitate to contact me via email at vhatch@vvsschools.org or call me at school.  




    Reading is the Key to Success


    My Teaching  Philosophy

    My philosophy on teaching is one that involves myself, the school, and my students.  I have a unique perspective as I have been a Literacy Specialist for the past 12 years and I have worked with dozens of different teachers.  What I believe is that all children can and will learn.  It’s a matter of finding what works and staying consistent. 

    I believe it is important to be a reflective teacher.  All children are unique and therefore, their learning experiences have to be unique.  I also believe that teachers must work with other teachers and members of a school faculty to provide students with the most positive, safe learning environment possible.  School is a place where children learn and grow. 

    As a teacher, my day does not end when the school day ends.  I do what I need to in order to figure out how I am going to help the kids read better.  When I plan for the day, I think of the needs of each individual child.  When a word is not being read correctly and written correctly, I feel it is critical to help the students fix it so that they can feel success. 

    My classroom is a positive place where kids can feel comfortable.  They also know that it is ok to be silly at times.  My goal is always to make children feel positively about the experiences that they have in my classroom.

    The last part of my philosophy is the belief that I am a lifelong learner.  Teachers can never know enough and with the way that the world changes, I have to be prepared for it. 

    Teaching has been what I always set out to do and it is what I am passionate about.  Kids are the future and I know that I play a part in helping them to be successful in school and in life!

    Grading Policy

    In my role as the Literacy Specialist, I do not assign grades to children.  I assess them regularly to determine their areas of growth and areas that need work.  I also write brief quarterly reports stating what we worked on during each quarter, progress the child has made, and areas that still need work.