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         Hi and welcome to Vernon Elementary School!! My name is Vince Pompo, Principal of Vernon Elementary School.  I look forward to the 2021/2022 school year, my thirteenth year as Principal.  I am very proud of the many learning experiences and programs we offer our kids and families, both during and after school.  We have amazing students, each one of them unique and with unlimited potential.  Our faculty and staff are incredible, hard-working, innovative and student-centered.  Below are my various philosophy and vision statements that are at the core of our work as educators. 

         I believe that education renews and helps to guide our kids' minds, hearts, character and spirit.  Words we say and actions we take as educators should have a profound impact on the paths our students take.  Given this, as educators we have an awesome challenge and responsibility to heed this mission.  Our community and society are ultimately the recipients of what we nurture in our schools.  Consequently, as we look into the eyes of our students we are really getting a glimpse of their future, our future and our world's future.
    • Leadership is communicating the worth and potential of individuals so clearly that they are inspired to see it in themselves
    • Set an example by being the best listener and the most inquisitive learner-learning is as much social as it is cognitive
    • Leadership is about programs, people, possibilities and the seeds you plant in others - be a leader of leaders
    •  Make the community a viable partner in this endeavor we call education - welcome all and reveal to them the value of our work   
    • Hard work and effort is the great equalizer - extra effort can move you from who you are to who you want to be


    • Everything we do as educators is invariably oriented around and rooted in our desire to serve and develop our kids 
    • Nurture an environment that is safe, secure and inviting, and provides several chances for students to find a niche and take ownership in their learning
    • Learning is not limited to our students - create a learning environment for staff, faculty, families and community members
    • The potential of any child is in direct proportion to the expectations we have for him or her


    • Possess an unyielding and uncompromising belief in the capacity of all children to learn
    • Master teachers are not born but through hard work and persistent learning they continue to evolve as teachers
    • Collaborate with peers and keep in mind that congeniality is just a step toward the more important goal of collegiality
    • Learning experiences represent the journey and assessments represent the destination - set the right journey and the destination will be reached


    • A school is not the manifestation of any one individual  but is a reflection of values, beliefs and practices that become embedded in the culture
    • In our community we are all connected and dependent upon one another for our students' success and development as human beings
    • Challenge the status quo but be deliberative in how it is changed or transformed
    • Establish a framework that promotes a free flow of communication between and among stakeholders



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