• Music


    Musical Bill of Rights

    1. Human beings have needs to express themselves daily in a way that invites physical and emotional release.
    2. Musical self-expression is a joyful and healthy means of communication available to absolutely everyone.
    3. There are as many different ways to make music as there are people.
    4. The human voice is a natural and powerful vehicle for musical self-expression. The differences in our voices add richness and depth to music.
    5. Sincerely expressed emotion is at the root of the meaningful musical expression.
    6. All cultures and traditions deserve equal attention.
    7. Your music is authentically expressed when your body is involved.
    8. Any combination of people and instruments can make music together.
    9. There are no unmusical people.
    10. Music improvisation is a unique and positive way to build skills for life expression.
    11. In improvisation, as in life, we must be responsible for the vibrations we send one another.

    Why Music?

    Playing an Instrument in MUCH More than Music!

    Teamwork - Playing an instrument in band teaches students to coordinate individual abilities into one central group effort. It gives them a feeling of group loyalty as well as a sense of belonging.

    Self-Discipline - Playing an instrument teaches responsibility. Emphasis is placed upon following instructions. Students develop a sense of their role in group achievement.

    Personal Achievement - Meeting and overcoming challenges is one of the single most rewarding experiences of playing a musical instrument. Band provides opportunities for students to grow musically and learn how to reach their goals.

    Respect for the Arts - Participating in band encourages respect for great artistic achievement. It also teaches aesthetic values and an awareness of the beauty of music and the arts.

    Enhancing Academic Achievement - Do you want your child to excel academically? Studies conducted by university researchers, school boards, and college entrance boards have proven that music participation enhances mental processing, actually enlarging the cortex area of the brain. Often, band members are typically the highest-achieving students academically in any school, at any grade level. Instrumental music students also tend to score considerably higher on the SAT’s than those students who do not study an instrument.

    Making Friends - Band members are a very special group of people. Working together as a team often develops strong bonds that become lasting friendships.

    Self Confidence - The sense of personal worth that students achieve from creating music together often stays with that student for the rest of his/her life.

    Enjoyment of School - For many students, playing in the band is often a highlight of their school day. They get pleasure from seeing their friends and having fun performing.

    Creativity- Music encourages creativity as an incentive thinking style. The study of music supports wonderment, imagination, appreciation, and sensitivity.

    Communication - Music is a language unto itself and allows the student an understanding of something that cannot be found in any other part of life.

    Critical Assessment - Music allows critical assessment by teaching the student to access factual as well as emotional sides of the mind in the same process.

    Commitment - Music teaches tenacity and persistence. The sense of commitment the student learns from this will follow him or her throughout their entire life. Self esteem is built here!

    Music is Math - Correct musical performance demands that students make instantaneous mathematical calculations in order for notes to be played at the correct time.

    Music is Social Studies - A piece of music almost always reflects upon the society in which it was composed.

    Music is Science - Musicians constantly adapt to the acoustical surroundings in the places in which they make music.

    Music is a Foreign Language - Music is a highly developed system of semantics. Many of the terms and playing directions are often written in languages other than English.

    Music is Physical Education - The performance on band instruments requires highly refined coordination of muscles.