•      Welcome!
          Hello! Welcome to Mr. Rose's webpage! I am the Math AIS teacher for E.A. McAllister. I am extremely excited to be teaching in this district having gone through it myself. This district and community have helped me greatly, and I am happy to return the favor with the next generation of learners. My goal is to help students grow and progress both as learners and citizens. Through engaging, real-world learning experiences, we will make math fun and also master concepts. My classroom will be an engaging, exciting, and active learning environment that allows for all learning styles to succeed. We will be using modern math strategies and resources to help reinforce learning and deepen understanding. I will be working closely with classroom teachers to help further learning for every student, as well. I am really looking forward to this school year and am excited to work with my students!
          I will be full time in McAllister this year. It is easiest to contact me via email at arose@vvsschools.org. I can also be contacted by phone at 315-829-2520. I have attached some helpful links that will help with practicing math outside of the classroom. Strategies and lessons will also be uploaded to help reinforce learning outside of the class. Also, follow our class on Twitter: @McAllisterMath! Feel free to contact me if you have any questions or concerns!

    My Philosophy of Education
          It is my belief that the teacher is a facilitator of learning. The role of the teacher is to guide learning, promote growth, and offer avenues for success. This can be accomplished by aligning teaching with the variety of learning styles present in the classroom, making learning fun, making learning engaging, and ensuring that learning has real-world implications and connections. As a teacher, I must account for the variety of diverse learning needs that every child has when I teach. Every student has a different background, has different strengths, and has different areas of need. These distinct characteristics make every child unique and must be celebrated in the classroom. The classroom must reflect this, as well. Students must feel safe, comfortable, and engaged in the classroom. My ideal classroom has the teacher guiding learning while the students do the majority of the speaking, listening, questioning, reading, and writing in order to further their understanding. Students will develop skills and strategies to further procedural fluency, conceptual understanding, and solve problems in this manner. Additionally, students will be offered a variety of learning experiences that specifically target the skills they must develop. These experiences will be hands-on, real-world, and fun! They will also be individualized and specifically target the needs of every student. My teaching is driven by the growth mindset and the belief that every child can grow given the proper tools and techniques to do so. I strive to provide these and help promote growth. My classroom will be a community of active learners that are devoted to learning in a fun and interactive manner.