• As you can see all of my list is labeled #1 because when people see a list they tend to think #1 is the most important, #2 is slightly less important, and #10 might be viewed as almost insignificant. On my list everything is equally important, so they're all #1!
    #1. Give students the necessary tools (knowledge & skills) to build a healthy and active lifestyle
    #1. Facilitate student confidence
    #1. Promote the continuing development of student work ethic
    #1. Permanently establish a healthy, safe, and fun learning atmosphere 
    #1. Challenge students through an exciting and unique learning environment 
    #1. Help students gain confidence and improve self-esteem
    #1. Create a system that allows for a seamless transistion for the next challenge that students may face
    #1. Develop respect and trust among students, faculty, and community members