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    Please enter my website often for my monthly newsletter and  helpful activities.  On the left, you will see links to many websites organized by grade level.  These websites have wonderful literacy-rich activities to help reinforce skills learned in the classroom.  Also, please don’t forget to read at home!!  Students in grades K-5 should be reading a minimum of 15 minutes per day, outside the regular classroom reading instruction.  Students in the sixth grade should be reading a minimum of 30 minutes per day, outside the regular classroom instruction.
    Please read at home!  Here's why-Let's do the math

    My Philosophy of Education

    Throughout my experience studying childhood education and literacy, I have learned a multitude of research- based, best practices.  These best practices engage all types of learners and motivate them to participate in discussions, activities, and cooperative learning groups.  Along with high quality teaching and lesson planning, differentiation of instruction is used to actively engage all learners and ensure that all students are able to demonstrate their full potential.  With the help of differentiation of instruction and authentic activities, I scaffold instruction to guide students to use higher level thinking operations.

    It is with this philosophy of teaching that teachers have positive impacts on students they teach.  Since learning occurs best in a caring and supportive environment, I utilize character education to promote children becoming positive members of society.  I use this strategy during teachable moments throughout the day to help build confidence and self-esteem.  I do this with the hopes that students become happy with themselves, so they take chances, solve problems, and want to find answers. It is education that broadens horizons and increases opportunities to build a better life.

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