Board of Education

    President: Mr. Thomas Moats
    Vice President: Mr. Steve Adamkowski
    Mr. Christopher Brewer
    Dr. Frank Frey
    Miss Samantha Netzband
    Mrs. Melissa Palmer
    Mrs. Ann Pangburn
    Mrs. Catherine Suttmeier
     Mr. Paul Thompson
    To speak to Board members, please contact Ms. Tamara Whooten, Clerk of the Board of Education at 315.829.2520 Ext. 7101
    The VVS Board of Education welcomes residents, faculty, staff, students, and others to attend its meetings. The public is invited to attend in person and is reminded that masks are required to be worn in schools regardless of vaccination status. The VVS Board of Education meets on the fourth Monday of each month at 7:00 PM unless otherwise announced. Meetings are held in the MS/HS Group Instruction Rooms according to the schedule below. Board of Education meeting minutes are available on the District website, in the Vernon and Sherrill Libraries, and the Verona Town Offices. Notices of Board of Education meeting dates and times are published in the Oneida Daily Dispatch and the Rome Daily Sentinel prior to each meeting.



    7:00 PM

    7:00 PM – Middle/High School Learning Commons Classrooms

    August 16th

    7:00 PM Meeting


    September 28th (Tuesday)

     7:00 PM Meeting


    October 25th  


    November 22nd    


    December 20th   


    January 24th


    February 28th


    March 28th   


    April 6th (Wednesday)

    Annual BOCES Meeting

    (not a regular VVS Meeting)


    April 19th (Tuesday)

    Regular Meeting &

    BOCES Board Election/Admin. Budget Vote


    May 18th (Wednesday)  

    Regular Meeting/VVS Board Election

    & Budget Vote Certification


    June 21st (Tuesday)



    *Board of Education meeting locations are subject to change. Please refer to the Oneida Daily Dispatch, Rome Daily Sentinel or contact the District Office at 315-829-2520 Ext. 7101 for the most current information regarding Board of Education Meetings. 



    The Vernon-Verona- Sherrill School District aspires to be valued as a district of distinction by our community.






    The Mission of the Vernon-Verona-Sherrill School District is to nurture and support students for success in life, preparing them to embrace challenges, learning opportunities, diversity, and civic responsibility.




    1. We believe all students should be challenged with academic rigor, provided individualized support through home-school collaboration, and empowered to explore opportunities that prepare them for success in college, career, and life.



    2. We believe student-school-community connections provide opportunities for students to experience diversity, develop tolerance, foster a sense of belonging, and create the foundation for civic responsibility.



    3. We believe students are best prepared for success in college, career, and life when their educational experiences cultivate teamwork, perseverance, adaptability, resourcefulness, and a positive attitude.



    4. We believe optimal learning occurs in a safe and supportive environment that values and nurtures character, integrity, responsibility, and respect for self and others. 




    1. Faculty, students, parents, staff, and community will work together to achieve high levels of student learning necessary for success in the 21st Century.


    2. Faculty, students, parents, staff, and community will demonstrate the personal and interpersonal attributes necessary to succeed in a diverse world.


    3. Faculty, students, parents, staff, and community will create and sustain a physically and emotionally safe and positive school environment.