• 13th Annual VVS Cross Country Invitational

    Saturday, October 15, 2016

    Hosted by the VVS Cross Country Teams and the VVS All-Sports Boosters Club

    Course maps posted at bottom

      2016 Invite Directions and Race Assignments

    Location/Facility: VVS Middle/ High School Campus. Bathroom, locker room facilities and gym will be available in the High School. For Rochester and Albany area schools, VVS is located about 2 miles from exit 33 on the Thruway.

    Course: Our course consists of challenging hills, open fields, and wooded trails. Wooded trails are fully mulched, hills are cover in stone dust and the open fields are grass. Spikes are highly recommended. The course is new(Many of old parts are still there).

    Upkeep: The course has been undergoing ongoing updating and maintenance since Sectionals in 2004. Many coaches’ comments and ideas have been put into place to help make this course more runner, coach and spectator friendly.

    Race Setup:    To add a bit of variety to our races, we are attempting to “randomly place” teams to reduce some of the repetitive inter-league match ups. All efforts will be made to attempt to keep the races equally competitive. We will have the race assignments posted on Tullyrunners by September 8th.

    Important:Timing and Scoring: Please enter your athletes through 
    milesplit by October 10th 

    As in previous years varsity and JV will run together. JV will be scored out of each race. JV teams start with runner #8. The rationale behind this decision is to allow teams to run together. Unlimited entries. Teams will be given a 12 foot  box and may "negotiate" with the team next to them if that team does not take up their entire box.

    Order of Events
    ( We will be doing 2 races of each level schedule will be updated by 9/18.  Double the amount of athletes getting awards)



    9:00       Girls Modified 1

    9:25        Girls Modified 2

    9:50        Boys Modified 1

    10:15     Boys Modified 2

    10:40     Girls Varsity 1

    11:15     Girls Varsity 2

    11:50     Boys Varsity 1

    12:20     Boys Varsity 2



    ***Send a notice of intent to tbauer@vvsschools.org in advance of entry to help aid in assigning the races. In the email all that is needed is: 

    Coaches’ Name(s), School Genders and Levels attending .

    There will be an email a reply back to each intent with more information.

    If you need an invoice there is one located at the bottom of the page. 

    W9 forms are available upon request. 



    In Varsity Races:

    Ribbons to Everyone

    Top 20 Individual Awards for varsity

    Top 5 Individual Awards for JV

    Trophy Top Team JV
    In Modified Races:

    Ribbons to Everyone

    Top 20 Individual Awards

    Trophies Top 3


    Entry Fee:

    $150.00 for two genders all levels
    $125.00   for two genders just varsity/JV
    $100.00 for one gender all levels
    $100.00 just modified (both genders)
    $70.00 for one gender one level
    $15 for individual runners.
    Please send checks or vouchers made payable to VVS All Sports Boosters Club c/o Duane Weimer Athletic Director by race day. If needed, there is a printable invoice available on our invite link. W-9 forms are available be request.