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    Mrs. Jantzi's Philosophy of Education
     It is my belief that all children will learn when they are given a safe, supportive, and nurturing learning environment. Students should be given choices in their education and should be taught to have pride in their work and themselves. Not only do I need to teach curriculum, create individual learning goals, and help our students reach Common Core Learning Standards, but I need to begin to prepare our students for life outside of the Vernon - Verona - Sherrill school community.
    Special Education Grading Policies 
    Resource Room/ Consultant Teacher Services - Students receive grades according to grade level/teacher grading policy. Students are given updated IEP goals and written progress notes with each report card.
    12:1:1 Direct Instruction - Students that receive Direct Instruction outside of the general education setting for ELA, Writing, and/or Math,  receive a grade from the special education teacher. Modifications and accommodations that are stated in the student's IEP are used to create or modify quizzes, tests, classwork, and Effective Communicator writing tasks and assessments. An explanation of the grade is included in the written progress notes. IEP goals are also updated.