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                                                                                                               Speech Therapist 
                                                                   My Philosophy of Education

    "It is my belief that all children should be given the opportunity and tools to clearly express themselves.  They should feel comfortable and encouraged to do so.  Teachers, therapists, students, parents and the community should work together to help create confident, creative individuals. "



                                                                       My Philosophy of Grading

    "Students at VVS receive marking period grades according to grade level, instructional level and/or teacher grading policy.  Students receiving speech therapy services do not receive a grade.  Speech therapy is a supportive service that assists the student with a disability to benefit from his/her education.  Speech therapy services addresses the student's annual goals that are developed from a team approach using evaluation data (including present level of performance), clinical observations and in consideration of the educational requirements of the student's academic program. During each quarter of the academic school year, the student who receives services is assessed on their annual goals and a written narrative is provided on their progress.  For students who receive speech improvement services they, too, receive quarterly narratives marking the progress that they have made based on the clinician's observations and notes taken during therapy."