• Hello and Welcome!

           Welcome to Ms. Cashman's website. I am special education teacher and teach grades K-6. This site has some great reading strategies, math strategies and writing strategies.  I also have some suggested reading lists and links to websites to use with your child at home. 

    Ms. Cashman’s

    Philosophy of Education


            I believe that to teach is to touch a life forever. I will remain a life long learner and teacher. Through my consistent interaction with students, fellow teachers, parents, and ultimately administrators, I will strive to become more informed and enlightened in hope of developing a more cohesive and positive learning environment for our community.

              I plan on continuing the development of this sense of community in and out of the classroom. With an understanding of trust, respect, and empathy, each student in my future classroom will identify themselves as a necessary and dependent, but individual piece to this diverse puzzle. My challenge is to reach each child, moving them beyond where they believe they can go, while always valuing all that they bring with them

              As a teacher, it is necessary to meet the needs of the individual learner. Many students learn most effectively, through the implementation of various pedagogical methods. To reach every individual, so as to maintain this sense of an interdependent community, I would include a variety of approaches to address each specific learning style and levels of ability, and motivation.

               I will continue to reflect on my style of teaching to make the learning environment as positive and conducive for long term success as possible.