•  Mrs. Karen Potts
    Speech-Language Pathologist
    E. A. McAllister Elementary 

    My Philosophy of Education

    It is my philosophy that all students can achieve success in the educational setting when providedwith the correct tools and opportunities for learning.  I believe that speech, language andcommunication skills are among the essential skills a student must possess inorder to succeed both inside and outside of the classroom.

    Within my classroom Iprovide a judgment free environment where all students can work with myself, aswell as their peers, to address their individual goals and objectives. Ibelieve in using hands on activities during my speech and language therapy to make learning enjoyable for students. I use a variety of teaching strategies toensure that all learning styles are addressed. By implementing these strategies I believe that learning should be apositive experience in which students are held accountable for their successthrough consistent participation.



    My Philosophy of Grading

    Speech therapy is a supportservice provided to students who require extra assistance in the areas ofspeech, language and communication. Students who receive speech services arenot given regular semester grades. Speech students are assigned annual goalswhich will be evaluated throughout the school year. These goals areevaluated through informal observations and the therapist’s data collection.Progress regarding a student’s annual goals will be demonstrated toparents and guardians through quarterly written progress notes.