• Welcome to Kindergarten!  This is an exciting year for both you
    and your child! I look forward to working with all of you!
    To me, teaching is about loving each child unconditionally and accepting and understanding their personalities and differences.  It is about appreciating each day and each moment.  It is about providing children with a safe place to grow and mature emotionally, physically, socially, and intellectually.  It is about showing and teaching kindness and respect with the notion that in order to receive, one must give.  It is about involving parents and other caregivers and having ongoing and open communication with them so they too are better able to help their children grow and learn at home.  It is about being accepting of others and their differences and teaching children to feel good about themselves.  I believe that in order for children to learn the fundamentals such as reading, writing, and math, they must first develop a love for learning.  In order to do this, our classroom becomes a loving community where each child feels safe and secure and we help each other reach our goals and become better individuals.  I hold in my heart the hope that the love for learning and the kindness and respect toward others that is learned in kindergarten will continue to be with each child for the rest of their lives.
                                                                                                                                       -Mrs. Elliott

    Children Learn What They Live
    If children live with encouragement,
    they learn to be confident.
    If children live with praise,
    they learn to appreciate.
    If children live with approval,
    they learn to like themselves.
    If children live with acceptance,
    they learn to find love in the world.
    If children live with recognition,
    they learn to have a goal.
    If children live with sharing,
    they learn to be generous.
    If children live with honesty and fairness,
    they learn what truth and justice are.
    If children live with security,
    they learn to have faith in themselves.
    If children live with friendliness,
    they learn that the world is a nice
    place in which to live.
                                                                                   Dorothy L. Nolte