• Philosophy of Education

    A teacher is responsible for teaching a curriculum for a specific subject matter. The curriculum follows state guidelines and mandates that are continuously changing. Therefore, a teacher must be flexible, knowledgeable, and willing to use or try different teaching strategies that will focus on all the different learning modalities of a learner.
    That is the easy part, because a teacher is also a role model, a mentor, and even a temporary guardian at times. Curriculum is easy, but leading children into this world making sure they have the respect, responsibility, and self esteem to take what they have learned and become a productive member in today’s society is sometimes tiresome.
    The teacher I am trying to become is not tired. I stay focused, and I am continuously changing so that every student has an equal chance to become successful.

    Grade Calculation
    •     Tests are worth 40%

    •      Quizzes are worth 25%

    •      Labs and Projects are worth 25%

    •      Homework is worth 10%