• Welcome to Mrs. Adams' web site. This web site has been designed to aid in communication between school and home. The
    focus of the site is to provide information pertaining to the classroom environment as well as the academic areas taught in the classroom.
    My philosophy of education:

     The classroom must be conducive to good learning. Teaching must meet the needs of all students; therefore, lessons must be delivered in a variety of methods.  An interactive approach helps to meet the needs of all students.  It is important to find a student's strengths and spend the time needed to use these strengths to lead the student down the path to success. Students need to be encouraged to apply themselves and work toward their highest potential.  Assessments are given to check for the students understanding of the academic concepts taught in the classroom.

    Calculations of grades is done using the following formulas:
     For all subject areas excluding Science: Tests/Projects - 40%, Quizzes - 25%, Assignment
    completion - 15%, and Participation - 20%.   For Science: Tests/Projects -
    30% - Quizzes - 20% - Labs -20% -  Assignment completion - 15%
    Participation - 15%

     Participation in the classroom is very important to learning.  Students participate in discussions as well as group activities. When these are missed, they can not be re-placed.  Organization is a key step to success.  Students are required to keep all course paperwork, including tests, quizzes, homework, and notes in a binder with appropriate dividers. These binders are checked randomly and graded under participation.