• Philosophy of Education:


              My philosophy on education:  I have always felt that the place for a child to learn is in a classroom where a child feels comfortable and at the same time take risks. I also believe in providing various learning experiences for all different types of learners.  In developing the Global History program, I aspire to develop and implement learning experiences that will provide students opportunities to be successful.  
    Grading for Global 9 and 10
       Tests-                                     50%
       Quizzes/ Project-                  25%
       Writing -                                15%                                                                                                            
       Classwork and Homework-   10%
    Grading for local Economics and Participation in Government
        Tests/ Project-                  85%
        Classwork/ Homework-    15%



    Welcome! This site is intended to be a resources for you while you are in Global   History and Geography.  Please explore the site and the various links.  HAVE FUN!