• Welcome to Earth Science!

    VVS is a great school district to work and attend school in and I anticipate a successful year for all.  I look forward to helping your children become successful and creative thinkers. 

    This is an activity-oriented course focusing on our dynamic planet. Knowledge of the earth can help you make sense of everyday observations such as the weather forecast on the local news.

    The major units of study are geology, meteorology, and astronomy. Geology includes the study of mapping, minerals, plate tectonics (including igneous and metamorphic rocks), surface processes (including sedimentary rocks and landscapes), and the history of the earth. Meteorology includes the study of weather and climate. Astronomy includes the study of the moon, Earth's location in space, and cosmology.

    The Earth Science Curriculum follows the New York State Standards for Math, Science, and Technology, Standards 1, 2, 4, 6, & 7 for the Common Core.

    In addition to the regular coursework required for Regents Earth Science, students taking Honors Earth Science will be required to learn the material in greater detail and complete various additional writing assignments.

    The following are needed for class:

    1. Reference Tables (2011 edition)

    2. Binder (~2")

    3. Calculator

    4. Completed Work

    5. Planner

    6. Pen & Pencil


    All your earth science classwork (handouts, notes, returned tests/quizzes, etc...) should be kept in your binder. This will help you stay organized which will help you be successful. Once labs are completed and graded, they will be kept in your lab folder in the classroom.