• pencil John D. George, Sr. Elementary School

    Supply List 2014-2015 School Year



    Dear Parents of Grade One Students,


    The following is a list of supplies that your child will need for the upcoming school year. You may wish to purchase these items during the summer at your convenience. Happy summer to all!


                          1 plastic pencil box

                   1 box of 24 crayons

                  8 glue sticks

    2 boxes of pencils (12 ea) Yellow #2 pencils (Ticonderoga brands only as the other do not sharpen well.)

                  1 pair of scissors

                  2 boxes of tissues

    4 two-pocket folders (pockets on the bottom)- 1 each red, blue, yellow, green.

                  1 container disinfectant wipes

                  2 boxes of gallon-size Ziploc bags

                  1 box of sandwich size Ziploc bags   

                            1 Four pack Expo dry erase markers and a wash cloth to use as an eraser.









    Please LABEL your child's supply items. Also, please check monthly to make sure your child has the necessary supplies.


    *These are all the tools your child will need for this coming school year. Please replenish at the end of each marking period.


    Please DO NOT send personal items, i.e. toys (fad items like Pokemon), games, trinkets, recording devices, and items that make noise or play music.