Students are expected to adhere to the student handbook and building rules at all times. This includes (but is not limited to):

    ·        Electronic devices must be put away during instruction. This includes cell phones, personal laptops and tablets, iPods (unless if they are used as part of a lesson)

    ·        Students are expected to come prepared to class (this includes a pen/pencil, binder or notebook, and other materials relating to the coursework)

    ·        Students are expected to put forth their best effort at all times

    ·        Students are expected to be respectful of all others in the classroom. This includes staff as well as other students. It is important to me that students feel comfortable expressing their ideas freely in a safe environment

    ·        Students MUST be on time to class. No exceptions…

    ·        Students are expected to notify Resource teacher in advance of upcoming tests



    ·        Resource and Guided Study are graded on a Pass/Fail system based on effort

    ·        Global Studies 10- will be graded as follows:

    Effort/Participation - 30%

    Homework - 30%

    Tests and Quizzes - 40%

    Though not assigned in excess, homework has great value. Homework must be completed in a timely manner to assure comprehension of current content.


    I’m looking forward to a great year of working with you!