• Ideas and Activities for the Week of May 4-8, 2020

    ELA: Our Letter of the Week:  Xx

    Xx usually comes at the end of words. 

    • Brainstorm things with the Xx sound anywhere in the word. 
    • Use pretzel sticks or real sticks to make an Xx.
    • Make a treasure map and hide something in the house or yard.  X marks the spot for the treasure.
    • Make Play-Doh Xx.
    • Make Q-tip hand x ray.  *Video coming*
    • Make a paper xylophone.  *Video coming*

    ****Don't worry if your child makes Xx's that look more like Tt! The angles of the diagonal is hard for some!!****


    Songs for Xx:

    Letter Xx by ABCMouse

    Letter X Song

    Sesame Street Podcast - Letter X

    Letter X - Olive and the Rhyme Rescue Crew


    Math: Introduce Addition - Using 0-5 - Focus on the easiest first!


    First, use house hold items to do oral words problems such as:

    If I have 1 spoon and you have 1 spoon, how many spoons do we have all together?

    If I have 2 socks and you have 2 socks, how many socks do we have all together?


    After doing some problems orally, start to write them together on paper, whiteboard, sidewalks - anywhere!

    Draw pictures to illustrate the problems.

    • 0+1= 1  
    • 2+2= 4
    • 2+3= 5

    Song about Addition from Youtube.com:

    Addition for Kids/Addition Song by Harry Kindergarten


    ***Keep Counting!! The teens are hard for lots of kids***


    Science/Social Studies

    Introduce Cowboys and Cowgirls and the Wild West - most of this will be through my stories.

    (We started the year learning about animals in the zoo.  We will learn about animals on the ranch, on farms and in the ocean for the end of the year. Also, look at geographical differences between where we live and the West.)


    Songs and Videos on Youtube.com:

    Elmo's World Wild, Wild West (This is a great introduction to cowboys and cowgirls.  It is about 48 minutes long.)

    A Day on the Ranch for Kids with Blippi

    Cowboy Dance by Jack Hartmann


    For Fun and Excersize!

    Sheriff Updown the Rabbit: A Cosmic Kids Yoga Adventure