• Ideas and Activities for the Week  of April 20-24, 2020

    Our Letter of the Week:  Uu

    Uu is one of the tricky vowels.  It does not come at the beginning of many words.

    Brainstorm some words that start with Uu:  up, under, underwear, umpire, unicorn, unicycle, umbrella, unbutton, uncover

    • Eat lunch under the table for fun (if possible).
    • If it warms up, walk outside with an umbrella
    • Count and sort underwear - Help with the laundry!  
    • In the packet for the week: Color the Little Uu book worksheet, color the flowers with a Uu on them worksheet

    Songs for Letter Uu

    Letter Uu Song by ABCMouse

    The Letter U by Storybots

    Sesame Street Podcast Uu

    Sesame Street: One Direction Makes U Useful


    Number Practice

    • Complete the Number 10 Book in the folder
    • How many fingers? How many toes?
    • Count 10 pennies and explain that 10 pennies is the same as one dime
    • In the homeworkpacket:  Complete the worksheet putting the dots in the center of the flowers

    Song for the Number 10

    "The Number 10" by Storybots

    Sesame Street: The Number 10 (dance along)


    Science and Social Studies

    • Sorting and Classifying:  Sort Underwear
    • In the packet:  Complete the sorting worksheet "Toys or Food"
    • In the packet: Complete the tulip dot-to-dot
    • In the packet:  draw the leaves on the tulips worksheet
    • Fill in the weather graph each day

    Celebrate Earth Day!!

    Please check out the W.A. Wettel Elementary Facebook page for daily Earth Day Activities!

    What is Earth Day? Watch this video to learn about it!

    Betsy's Kindergarten Adventure: Happy Earth Day