• Ideas and Activities for the Week of April 13-17 - Letter Gg Week

    • Brainstorm words that start with Gg
    • Find things that start with Gg at home- such as grass, glass, grown-ups, girls, gloves, games
    • Find things at home that are Green
    • From the packet:
      • Color My Book of Gg Words
      • Can you find Gg?  Color the flowers that have a G or g
    • Take a walk and look for things growing or gardens
      • Color the coloring sheets of gardens 
    • Sort something like socks into 2 Groups.  Ask why they put them in each group.
      • From the packet:
      • Sorting worksheet - discuss why items go into each group
    • Graphing - start filling in the weather graph each day.  See video on Facebook.


    Videos and Songs for the Week

    Peppa Pig - Gardening

    Sesame Street: Grover Talks About Plants

    How Does a Seed Become a Plant?

    GoNoodle - I Get Loose