Letter to Students and Parents about Distance Learning

  • 3/19/2020

    Dear Student and Parents,

    Hello! I am writing this letter to you from my “home office” and I hope that it finds you well! The purpose of this letter is to give you an update on how speech-language services fit into this new distance learning model. Below I will outline how I will provide instruction, my method of contact, and my expectations from students. 

    Speech-Language Therapy Instruction:

    I will be updating and adding materials to support home therapy to my Google Classroom. To start, the materials will mostly be resources for parents and students as well as home practice worksheets. Most of the students on my caseload already have been invited and accepted my request to join my google classroom. If your child has not yet accepted my invitation to Google Classroom, here is the information to join: 

    Classroom code: 


    Classroom name: 

    Speech Therapy

    Ms. Prendergast

    To join a google classroom, log in to your VVS classlink on the student’s chromebook using student login information: 

    Username: Graduation year followed by initial of first name followed by last name

    Password: Last 5 digits of your student number

    Open chrome web browser and it will bring you to the classlink homepage. Locate Google Apps. Click on Google Classroom.

    This will bring you to a page which shows all of the student’s Google Classes. Click accept to Speech Therapy with Ms. Prendergast

    I will also add this information to my VVS Teacher webpage which can be located by going to the VVS Schools website->Schools Tab-> J.D.George Elementary->Teacher webpages (located on left column)-> Prendergast, Colleen


    At this time, I will primarily be contacting students through their email. I will link a video for students to access their school email below. I will contact the parents via email who have provided the school with their email. I will also be posting announcements on my google classroom and hopefully begin to use Google Meet to video conference! If I do not have a parents email, please email me a simple hello message from the email you would like me to have at cprendergast@vvssschools.org.

    Video “How to” for Student Login to Email: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1B3z0OZf7Y_saJGA2pB7bLhjDZ5M5G_7H 

    Student Expectations:

    At this time, I do not expect students to submit or return work to me via Google Classroom. The materials I share are for home practice to maintain speech, language, communication skills. Unfortunately,  I do not have a “magic” number for the amount of time per week a student should work on their speech therapy goals to prevent regression of skills as that is dependent on many factors. My recommendation is to do your best to have a schedule for checking in to all of your google classes for updates and things to work on. If a student has an extra 10 minutes a day to work with a parent, sibling, or on their own, on a speech therapy activity, that is great! I will take what I can get! 

    Parents may be wondering…. How do I know what my child is supposed to be working on? The easiest place to find all of that information is on your child’s IEP. On the IEP you will find your child’s goals for all of the special education and related services your child receives. I also have each student’s goals on a separate word document that I will email to parents if they would like to have it.  If you would like to receive a copy of their goals and I do not have your email, please email me! 

    Ok phew! I think I covered all my bases for right now! I will miss all my students and being in our school! Please email me with any questions and I will do my best to answer them! I am proud of all of you for your flexibility and efforts to stay connected with our VVS community from home! You are awesome! 


    Take care,

    Colleen Prendergast

Distance Learning