• Wettel Summer Math Challenge


    Dear Parents, 

        With the summer upon us, I wanted to provide you with some fun math activities to help prevent that “summer slide”.  These activities and websites focus on strengthening your child’s math skills. 

      This year I have developed a Wettel Summer Math Challenge game board.  Each square on the game board will provide an activity for your child to do that day.  Our district has great programs such as Reflex Math and Freckle Math to use.  Plus, I have found free math games that can by played on Greg Tang’s Math website.  On the calendar, I have provided you with the websites plus the log-ins and passwords for the websites that require them.  All of the activities that I have provided can be done completely independently.

      Students who return their math challenge game board and recording sheet to me by September 10th  saying they worked on their math skills this summer will be rewarded with a special treat.   I am asking each child to complete activities for at least 35 days this summer vacation.

       I know we are all busy during the summer months, but taking a few minutes each day to practice math skills will greatly benefit your child. If you have any questions over the summer, you can e-mail me at jcrosby@vvsschools.org  Have a great summer and enjoy these activities!

    -Mrs. Crosby

    Math AIS Teacher

    Wettel Elementary