Philosophy of Music Education:

  • "There are many reasons to teach music. Music is beautiful. Music has a great power for bringing communities together. It is through music that we can connect with people of all languages and backgrounds. As music educators, we are able to teach how to control our feelings and express them through an outlet. Music is a place where all students, regardless of class, gender, talent, or physical ability benefit from working as a team to create something substantial. Music creates emotions and feelings and it is through music education that students are taught how to harness those feelings and express them in a healthy and creative way. Not only is music education important on its own, but it teaches critical skills like self-discipline, teamwork, time-management, and problem solving.  It increases self-esteem and facilitates self-expression. Beyond hand-eye coordination and reading a second language, a music education allows students to expand and mature themselves as more expressive human beings." - Megan Tompkins
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