• Education Philosophy & Vision:

    I believe that education is the one of the foundations of a productive life that can lead to opportunities and the possibility of happy and successful life for all.  Even with a solid, well-balanced education, there are many paths a student can go down leading to adulthood.  I feel education can open doors and allows much room for personal choice for what any particular person may want to pursue.  It is the responsibility of any public school to provide as rich and nurturing environment so that all students may thrive no matter what level they are currently performing at.  I take this responsibility very seriously.


    It is my hope that we successfully team up with students, parents, the community and all staff members to provide an environment that is beneficial to all students. Through the year we will work to create experiences for students to expand their knowledge base, inspire their creativity and allow them to problem solve and connect with others. Your support, your input and your time with this endeavor is valued.