• MVCC Music Appreciation

    HU 186


    Course Description

    This course develops musical perception, understanding, and appreciation. It is appropriate for those with no formal music training and features listening, live performances, and demonstrations in a variety of musical styles.

    Student Learning Outcomes

    To succeed in this course, students will need to meet the following objectives:

    1. Identify the major musical styles
    2. Relate the works of music to their cultural background
    3. Recognize and identify the major musical compositions of each style or period

    4. Demonstrate the writing and verbal skills (incorporating the musical terms) to clearly express ideas about music
    5. Utilize reading comprehension skills and critical thinking to analyze music from a variety of backgrounds and styles
    6. Recognize and identify musical examples outside the western tradition

    This course provides and introduction to musical styles and forms through listening. The course is based on the premise that repeated listening leads to a greater understanding and a more rewarding experience of music. Through use of listening charts provided, projects, and discussion in class, awareness of musical forms will be increased.



    All grades are calculated using points as illustrated by the following example:

    Assignment                                     Out of                                  Student Score

    Listening Form                                   25                                               20

    Unit 1 Quiz                                        30                                               26

    Rhythm Composition                          45                                               38

    Unit 1 Test                                        80                                               71

    TOTAL                                               180                                             155

    155/180 = 87% marking period average