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      Documents that I have read throughout my years of studying math indicate that most students cringe when they think about having to take a math course, especially when letters are involved. It is my goal to show my students that math isn’t a subject in which it is necessary to memorize everything such as a foreign language might be; everything in math was discovered by a human being who dedicated hours on end to logically prove everything that the students will be introduced to.

       I’m not expecting them to re-invent the wheel, using previously proven facts is the key to efficiency and progress. However, I do plan on giving my students an overview of the way these ideas were uncovered particularly emphasizing the logic behind them. If students understand why the algorithms and formulas they are told to use actually make sense in each situation, math will become more of a process of reaction rather than memorization.

       For this reason, I view math similarly to the way I view science. Students have the ability to uncover the tools they are going to use before they use them.  I driven and focused on reaching out to, and improving the math skills of, the children who will soon control our future.