• These links and PDFs may help you as you create and add content to your teacher pages.  Remember, school websites are required to be compliant with Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).

    VVS teachers need to post their Philosophy of Education and Grading Practices on their VVS teacher page. If you choose to use Google Sites for the rest of your content, please include a link to your site on your VVS page. You may use whatever site meets your classroom needs, but that site must be ADA compliant. There are some documents listed below to help you when you add content. There is also a basic tutorial on setting up your VVS teacher page. Please be aware that Schoolwires has updated their interface this month. The new document will be available soon, but so far, all I can see is that the look has changed sightly - the functionality seems to have remained the same.


    Click here for the PDF Updating Your SchoolWires Webpage - developed by Dan Miller

    Click here for the PDF provided by Model Schools ADA Tips

    Click here for the PDF School Website ADA Compliance and Accessibility Guide

    Click here for the link Settlements Reached in Seven States, One Territory to Ensure Website Accessibility for People with Disabilities

    Click here for the link  ADA Website Compliance, Part I


    Contact Kathy with questions :   kstewart@vvsschools.org