Welcome (or welcome back!) to Da Capo Choir!
    This is for any student in 3rd and 4th grade.  Students meet to perform challenging and diverse music in mandatory concerts throughout the school year.  Students also follow a curriculum designed to teach them how to read music and vocal technique.  New members are ALWAYS welcome!
    Chorus will begin in January 2021
    Practice Recordings for music
    VVS Alma Mater
    All parts together... click here
    Accompaniment only... click here
    Sheet music... click here
    JD George Student and Parent Handbook... coming soon
    Wettel Student and Parent Handbook... coming soon
    As a reminder, the last page of the Handbook should be signed and returned to Mrs. Tomaino.

    Past Music Videos:
    Wettel Elementary (2016-2017): True Colors Music Video... click here!