• SMART online PD info
    We have tested the SMART online PD suite and are ready to deploy it.  Rather than try to explain how to access and navigate the site in this email, I created an access and navigation tutorial through Google Slides, which I have shared through the link below.  I asked a few faculty members to try it out, and I was told it was very user friendly and helpful.  I hope you find it helpful as well:
    Google Slideshow
    The Google Slide access and navigation tutorial also addresses how the District will award in-service credit through participation in the SMART online PD.  It should be self-explanatory.  In summary, (as we did with Google) it is the expectation that all faculty will participate in approximately 10 hours of video tutorials, for which you would receive 10 hours of in-service credit upon completion.  These 10 hours of tutorials consist of:
    SMART Learning Suite 16.1 Certification: Sessions 1 through 10 (9 hours of in service)
    SMART Board Basics: 6000 Series (0.5 hours of in service)
    Intro to SMART amp (a Google extension) (0.5 hours of in service)

    In addition:
    Faculty using the SMART table (typically Pk-2  and some elementary specials) are expected to complete the Intro to SMART Table tutorial (1.0 hours of in service); and
    Faculty using the SMART KappIQ (typically 7-12) are expected to complete the SMART KappIQ tutorial (0.5 hours in service);
    As you will read in the Google Slide access and navigation tutorial, you must use MLP to request your in service credit, similar to the process we are using for the Google Academy.  To make this easy, you will find the SMART courses already listed in the MLP District catalog.
    Professional Development available from Teq: