• Topics:

    First Civilizations: Focus will be centered around the Neolithic Revolution and the development of civilizations.  We will also focus on how historians write about history and the number of different ways history can be interpreted and explained depending on the source.

    Belief Systems & Classical Civilizations: This topic focuses on an exploration of the major belief systems around the world and the ways in which they developed.  We will then focus on different societies and analyze how they centered their civilizations on different belief systems.

    Expansion of Empires: This topic will be spent exploring the feudal structure and Middle Ages in Europe.  In contrast, we will also discover the thriving civilizations of the Islamic Caliphates, the Tang & Song Dynasties in China as well as the Mongols.

    Dynasties and Kingdoms: This unit shows the power of commerce within different societies.  We explore how different civilizations including the Ottomans and African Trading Kingdoms gained amazing wealth and the inventions and innovations that they provided to the world.  

    Age of Exploration: The Globalization that has consumed our daily lives started during this time period.  We will talk about the wonderful benefits of global trading that effectively started in Europe but we will also cover the dark side of it as well.

    Transformation of Western Europe: This unit covers the Renaissance and the Reformation, two massive changes in Europe that significantly changed the course of human history.  This final unit will also cover the Scientific Revolution and the European Enlightenment.