• How will my child be graded in orchestra class?


    Scale Quiz: 10%

    Lesson Attendance: 30%

    Concert Attendance: 40%

    Part Check: 20% 


    *Scale Quizzes will take place at the end of every other month. Students will perform them from memory during lesson time.

    *Lesson Attendance will be based on 12 lessons each semester. Make-up lessons are offered during the school day and are listed on the schedule.

    *All concerts are mandatory. If you have any problems with transportation, please contact me right away.

    *Part Checks will be based out of 24 points and will be graded off of a rubric. Each part check will be announced three weeks before they occur giving students ample time to practice. Each part check will occur during your childs lesson and make-ups can be scheduled with me.


Grading Policy