• Regents Physics Course Expectations

         “Physics is the collection of ideas used to organize and explain what we observe and to predict what might happen.” L. Sylwester  

     Physics is the study of matter and energy. It covers everything from the nucleus of the atom to the galaxies of space. The methods of critical thinking and problem solving learned here will remain long after the details of the subject are forgotten.

     The course in Regents Physics has several general goals.
    1) You will understand the fundamental concepts underlying physics.
    2) You will learn how these concepts were found, why they were chosen, and how they are applied in today’s world.
    3) You will develop methods of problem solving that will allow you to apply logical and creative thinking to new and unfamiliar situations.
    4) You will develop methods to apply skills and knowledge to experimentally test new ideas and evidence.

    Basic Course Outline
    This is a basic outline and more detailed “Time-Line” will be handed out separately.
     Unit 1   Introduction and the Mathematics of Physics
     Unit 2   Mechanics
     Unit 3   Energy
     Unit 4   Electricity and Magnetism
     Unit 5   Waves
     Unit 6   Modern Physics

    Grading Policy
    Grades are based on the following Assessments.
    Each assessment will be given a point value and then weighted as shown below.
     1.  Class work assignments 15%
     2.  Lab activities  25%
     3. Tests and Quizzes   60% 

     Final Grade

    The final course grade is determined as follows;

                                2 (Semester 1) + 2 (Semester 2) + Regents Exam Grade

    Progress reports, to be signed by both the student and parent,are sent home after 5 weeks of each marking period.
    Make-up time for absences is equal to the number of days absent. 
    Each student is responsible for making up all labs, assignments, and tests. You must make arrangements with me.
    Being absent the day before a test does not excuse the student from taking the test.

    Regents Exam
    All students taking a regents course must take the regents exam.
    The Regents exam grade will be calculated as part of the final physics course grade
    as outlined above.

    Course Guidelines
    Time spent in class is essential for academic success.
    If you are absent from school you are responsible for all assignments when you return.
    If you are absent one day before a test- you must still take the test on scheduled day.
    If you are absent day of test/ lab or an extended period of time- test/lab must be made up during the next week. It is your responsibility to make arrangements with me to make up any missed work 

    Class work and Homework
    Class work and Homework will be collected and corrected.
    Practice of Physics Problems is a must if you wish to succeed.
    Since Class work and homework problems are commonly seen on quizzes and test, those students who regularly complete the class work and homework do very well on quizzes and tests.

     Laboratory Reports
    Laboratory reports will be addressed in much more detail in a separate handout.You must be successfully complete 1200 lab minutes. This is a state regents exam 
    requirement. Failure to do lab work may jeopardize admittance into the regents’ exam.

    Required Materials
    Three-ring binder 2”-3” size, for Physics Only- with loose leaf paper and dividers
    A straight edge: metric ruler 
    Pens and pencils 
    Scientific calculator -Texas Instruments please (a graphing calculator is not required)

    Expected behavior in class
    Learning is our most important task in this classroom. All rules for this class are based on that idea.      
    BE ON TIME and remain in your assigned seat. 
    Please take care of the materials and equipment you use.  
    Please come prepared for the day.
    You will need your binder and a calculator every day.
    Be sure to bring your Lab book on Lab day
    Do your class work and homework, have questions ready.
    Actively participate in class activities and discussions.
    You must follow all school policies and codes of conduct.

    Failure to follow the expected behaviors will result in;

    1. Verbal conference with me
    2. Phone call to the Parent/Guardian
    3. Administrative referral  

    Student may be sent to the office for any of the following:
    1. Injury to teacher or any other student
    2. Misuse of class/lab equipment
    3. Insubordination
    4. Inappropriate Language                              
    5. Inappropriate behavior
    6. Disruption of classroom activities

     I will be available after school from 2:30 – 3:00 PM on Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday. Some Wednesday afternoons may also be available based on meeting schedules. There are also various times throughout the day that we may be able to set up an appointment. Anytime you need extra help please be sure to see me.


    September 5, 2014
    I have reviewed the Regents Physics Course Expectations with my son/daughter.

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