• My name is Mr. Hartstein This is my second year at VVS for the 6 years prior I was a Technology Education Teacher at Cicero North Syracuse Central Square. 

    My Teaching Philosophy:

    Students should view my class as a pragmatic application of Math and Science to real world problems. My goal is to develop students as informed decision makers, build citizenship and technological literacy. To facilitate this I address a limited number of topics in great depth so that processes and knowledge learned can be applicable to a breadth content. Students should understand that failure is a learning experience. We learn more through redesign of a failure than a perfect solution the first time. I will never ask a student to be the best, but I will ask them to do their best. As this is a focus of the course students will always have the opportunity to fail and fix failures. To be successful in my class students must become active participants in their own education. This makes them accountable persons for their own career and college readiness.

     After School and Homework Policies
    Unfortunately the nature of my course requires students to be in class as often as possible. If student is absent they will probably have to stay with me at some point and make up the period.
    Personally I feel as though students shouldn't have homework each night but when I do assign homework it is important that it is done that night because if it is not they will likely be behind the next day. 
    Grading Breakdown:
    50% Projects
    30% Classwork
    20% Tests and Quizzes